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Touring Cyclist in empty Nevada

Daniel on HighWay 50, USA, by Randy Jorgen, Moab, UT

This is the website and travelogue of The Project VELAIA. 23 year old thinker, velosopher, environmentalist, photographer and outdoor adventurer Daniel N. Lang has decided to go around the world by recumbent and upright bicycle after finishing an epic journey of more than 17.000km from Paris to Beijing as a rider of the Beijing to Paris 2007 Carfree Rallye, following coastlines for hundreds of kilometers, crossing deserts during mid summer in the Middle East, Central Asia and China and climbing some of the highest passes of the world under extreme conditions in the starting Tibetan winter.Check the summary of the journey through Europe and Asia to see what happened so far.

You can follow Daniel on his tour and stay updated on the latest adventures on the travelogue and receive latest updates per e-mail (right sidebar). Every posting includes a selection of pictures and some include small video clips. For all the pictures check out the flickr-account and go to YouTube for the clips.

Additional to the latest travelogue entries you can get general information about the tour on this website – just browse around a bit. You will find subpages in the “Page Menu” on the right side of the page – more information to the category you´re browsing at the moment can be found there!

going with the bike for a walk :-) on 4800 m, Tibet, -10°C Color version by you.

Walking the recumbent bike in Tibet

To stay in touch with friends and to make the journey more interesting for readers links to the homepage of other travelers met on the way will be provided in the sidebar.